Work it Out – Pastor FA Tella

Philippians 2:12

12b “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

Salvation is a gift and what everyone must do is receive the gift.

Actively pursue spiritual maturity and fear (a sense of reverence) and trembling (with great care, sense of responsibility, using serious caution and critical self evaluation)

Don’t be careless about it and don’t assume you know it. Develop a plan!

Why must you work out your individual salvation? Nurture and Grow it?
• A lot of times, we don’t practice what we preach and we assume Gods mercy is sufficient
• Whether you make it to the end or not, it’s dependent on you. The work is on you! You can’t blame your spouse or past because you have your today and what you do with it is up to you.
• You must finish the race well!
• Because it is the evidence of Gods saving grace at work
• It will keep you focused and vibrant

If physical exercise profits so little that it can save the death of millions, how much more spiritual exercise!

• To work out my salvation, I must work out my faith. Grace is a gift from God but faith is what I do to continue to receive the gift God has prepared for me. Because faith is built by getting into the word of God, you must give your faith a workout – stretch your faith to new territories.
• Faith that is not stretch, withers away. If you have attained the goals you have for yourself, set new goals. When our faith is not being stretched, we become complacent.

• Have you set outreach goals for yourself?
– Set growth goals
– E.g. Spend at least 15 minutes in prayer.

Invest in reading the epistles because they’ll tell you who you are in Christ!
Romans 10: 8-10

Work on your heart and mouth
To focus on salvation:
• Keep it believing
• Keep it Tender
• Keep it Teachable
• Keep it Pure

If I have a believing heart, impossibilities will become possible for me. A believing heart will open doors for me.

How do you apply a believing heart?
• To acquire a believing heart, you must receive Gods word as it is. If God says it will happen, it will.
• Trust the work of God and affirm it for yourself.

Work on my faith, my heart, my mouth, and my actions.


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