Your Prayer is Heard

Text: Luke 1: 1 – 17

Theme: Birth of a miracle (New series)

Miracle is a divine response to an earthly problem

Luke 1:13(Your prayer is heard)

The absence of a manifestation is not the absence of answered prayers.

Who is Zachariah?

1) Both came from the family of Aaron- He was from the family of priests

2) His time came and found him serving

1) Don’t allow your situation to change your devotion to God

2) Never compromise (there’s a tendency to compromise and the world convinces you to)

* People compromise for immediate gratification

3) Your service of God must never be dependent on what you get – Romans 12:1

* Serve him because that’s your ultimate purpose for being alive

At times we ask, If God heard:

How come I haven’t seen the manifestation?

3 things to know.

1) Never stop praying (Your prayer is a live incense ever burning)

2) Don’t give up on your prayers Rev 5:8 (Zachariah stopped praying but his continuous worship assisted his prayer as an incense to heaven to be answered)

3) It is never too late for God

John 11: 1-6(what you’re going through does not diminish the love God has for you)

When God shows up, it is never too late. He’s right on time!

Time is man’s limitation, not Gods’


To trigger your miracle

Align your purpose with an earthly need, if your need when manifested will give glory to God. Your expectations will be answered, stay with it!


When he says your prayers are heard, it means: Your prayers were deeply and intently listened to and thought about.

Don’t give up on God.


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