Akin and Bunor Tella

Akin and Bunor Tella

Akin and Bunor Tella have served as pastors in RCCG for more than 25 years. They began their pastoral ministry in Lagos, Nigeria where they pastored for 5 years before relocating to the United States. In 2002, they felt led of the Lord to start Jesus House Cleveland.

Akin & Bunor are passionate about seeing lives transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ. Their desire is to see believers discover their purpose in life, understand who they are in Christ, and live fulfilled and rewarding lives. They are teachers of the word of God who believe that those who preach the word must practice it and live with integrity.

In addition to their pastoral duties, Akin & Bunor also currently serve as Provincial Pastors in RCCG North America.

Akin and Bunor are blessed with two wonderful sons; Stephen and Joshua Tella.